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Kudat is situated in the northernmost part of Sabah. On the west, it faces the South China Sea and on the east the Sulu Sea. It serves as the division administrative centre for the Kudat Division, which includes Kudat, Pitas, Kota Marudu and some islands.
History and Introduction
Founded by A H Everett on the 7th December 1881, Kudat was once a Rungus residential area of only few houses. It once held a very promising future and with propellers or airstrips, serving the domestic travellers in internal flights.

Places of Interest
Longhouses, coconut and palm trees are the most vivid impressions of this little town in the northernmost part of Sabah. Atap, or thatch-roofed, longhouses are concrete evidence of communal life of traditional Rungus community- sharing and inter-depending lifestyle were essential for a hunting tribe. This lifestyle was mostly practiced by the Rungus in the olden day.

Vital Population Statistics (1991 census)
Total population: 56,047
Female population: 27,087
Male population: 28,960
Malay Population: 1,592
Dusun Population: 2,462
Kadazan Population: 920
Bajau Population: 4,919
Murut Population: 76
Other Bumiputera Population: 34,562
Chinese Population: 6,323
Indonesian Population: 1,018
Other Non-Bumiputera Population: 1,800
Total Malaysian Citizen Population: 53,672
Non-Malaysian Citizen Population: 2,375 %
distribution of Population: 3.2%
Population Density: 44 per Sq. Km

Source: Yearbook of Statistics Sabah, 1999

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